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Here are the best 2012 range rover evoque coupe review, photos and wallpaper. The Evoque manages to balance the aggressiveness of its front valance with a stunning and elegant profile. With a raked windshield and a dramatic tapered roof, the CUV has managed to stay true to the company’s LRX concept that first debuted at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. Exaggerated wheel arches work with strong character lines and well-executed details give the eye something to chew on.
The 2012 Evoque coupe has a unique knack for making onlookers want to be behind the wheel. With its emotive styling and precise driving dynamics, we could have spent another month behind the wheel without complaint. Land Rover just needs to translate that sort of yearning into actual hard sales. Based on all of the eyeballs that followed our Coupe and the amount of award hardware the Evoque has won so far this year, we don’t expect that will be a problem. Let’s see the best 2012 range rover evoque coupe photos.
2012 range rover evoque coupe photo Pictures
2012 range rover evoque coupe photo
The luxury CUV segment has just begun toddling out of its infancy. While buyers have been content to snap up full-size, gas guzzling beasts wrapped in leather since the early ’90s, manufacturers have only recently begun offering smaller, more efficient models on tall-riding platforms.
The BMW X3 has offered buyers an alternative to top-heavy beasts like the BMW X5 and Range Rover Sport since its debut in 2003, but with an overall length of 183 inches, the vehicle isn’t exactly small by city center standards. The Mercedes-Benz GLK, meanwhile, nips nearly five inches from the X3′s stem-to-stern dimensions to offer buyers a more modest runabout, but even that machine dwarfs the .
2012 range rover evoque face Pictures
2012 range rover evoque coupe face

2012 range rover evoque coupe wallpaper Pictures
2012 range rover evoque coupe wallpaper

2012 range rover evoque coupe Pictures
2012 range rover evoque coupe

Interior & Seating

The 2012 Range Rover Evoque offers excellent front seating with contoured, leather-dipped buckets for front occupants. The bolstered thrones would be happy in a low-slung sports car, and finding them in a tall CUV is a pleasant surprise. Despite being a coupe, the rear seats are large enough for full-growns adult, though expect to be patient when it comes time to access the second row.
Instead of a quick mechanical release, the seats must be operated by an electric switch. The mechanism moves forward with the kind of patience that only the fabulously wealthy can afford, leaving the rest of us ready to rip the bucket out of the vehicle if only to save a few seconds of waiting for the grave.
2012 range rover evoque coupe interior Pictures
2012 range rover evoque coupe interior


Unfortunately, Land Rover will ask you to hand over more than your unobstructed forward view if you want to put an Evoque Coupe in your garage. The vehicle carries a base MSRP of $43,995 plus destination, though our tester landed well north of that figure at $57,896 including $750 in destination fees.
What does over $14,000 worth of options look like on an Evoque? For starters, opting for the Coupe designation will cost you an additional $1,000 over the five-door model, and our tester came laden with journalist-pleasing attributes like the stylish Dynamic package, complete with a unique front and rear fascia, louvered hood and other goodies. Throw in a set of 20-inch alloy wheels and a climate package with heated windshield, steering wheel, seats and windshield washer nozzles, and it’s easy to see just how quickly the bottom line can climb.
2012 range rover evoque Pictures
2012 range rover evoque
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