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2013 dodge viper srt red 600x362 Pictures
Here are best Dodge viper srt photos and wallpaper. Now Dodge is hard at work trying to reinvent the Dodge Viper for the 2013 model year. As of right now, they are working on the new powerhouse engine that will be found under that long hood. This is evidenced by a Viper mule recently caught testing with the new Viper front end attached to the old body style. Something is cooking under that hood and whatever engine that may be, it will need plenty of fresh air to keep it cool. Check out the big air intake in the front bumper and what looks to be three air intakes in the hood. This engine will be a beast and Dodge is doing whatever it can to keep it at bay.
The New 2013 Dodge Viper, will start production in 2012, and will be privately shown to the Viper Club of America two days before its April debut in New York (as pegged by oh2o). A Hot Wheels car with exaggerated wheels has already been shown (see right). Pricing appears to be set at $137,000, according to “kdaviper.”
dodge viper srt 10 best wallpaper 600x398 Pictures
Blue dodge srt viper 2013 546x400 Pictures

2013 dodge viper srt colection 600x398 Pictures

Gold dodge viper srt 10 600x398 Pictures

dodge viper srt 2013 546x400 Pictures

dodge viper srt 10 red white 600x398 Pictures

dodge viper srt 10 black red 546x400 Pictures

2010 dodge viper srt 10 black white 600x398 Pictures

2009 dodge viper srt orange 555x400 Pictures

2008 dodge viper srt green 600x398 Pictures

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