Review : 2012 GTA Spano Supercars

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GTA Unveils the Awesome Production Version of the Spano at 2012 Geneva Motor Show. A roaring 8.3-liter V10 powers this beauty by sending its incredible muscle – 840 horsepower – to the vehicle’s rear wheels. The GTA Spano engine is coupled to a high-performance seven speed transmission that helps the ride go from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds! All this awesomeness also has to be kept under strict control, so the Spano’s makers fitted their creation with almost 15-inch in diameter front discs with strong six-piston calipers.
GTA Spano Supercars Geneva Rear Side View 600x398 Pictures
GTA Spano Supercars Geneva Rear Side View
The GTA Spano supercar also has an irresistible look, meant to turn heads wherever it goes. The elegant yet sporty curves it boasts were sculpted in high-tech materials that give the Spano both strength and a very light weight. GTA used a combination of Kevlar, titanium and carbon fiber for this ride, which resulted in a final weight of just 2,970 pounds. The Spanish automaker plans to have its first units delivered by late 2012.
GTA Spano Supercars Side View 600x398 Pictures
GTA Spano Supercars Side View
2012 GTA Spano Supercars 600x398 Pictures
2012 GTA Spano Supercars
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