2011 BMW Lumma Design X6

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Lumma Design has presented their tuning package for the BMW X6.Previously revealed at the BMW X6 M, Lumma has been using the X6 flamboyant styling kits are now able to accommodate standard 22-inch wheels.
Other major changes include exterior colors are two colors. While on the inside, seating arrangements have changed. Lumma has replaced the rear bench with two seats Recaro.
Lumma electric motors also offer upgrades for all models of diesel X6 through D-Box module LUMMA them.

 Tuner which also modifies the BMW Lumma X6, makes body kits fullbumper the left and right now widened five inches respectively. Water front scoop is designed into three sections, on the left and right fender, and under typical BMW logo. Nan gahar sporty look.
In order to sweeten the air channels form the engine room, with small fog lamp in the corner of it and also five rows of LED lights at the bottom of the fender. Headlamp also got a touch with lideye applications were withdrawn from the bonnet line is now made from carbon fiber. The same material used to cover the mirrors and the rear bumper in exhaust.
Design options are wide body kit would be juxtaposed with a rim diameter of 23 inches LUMMA output. Gambot rim is wrapped in a low-profile Michelin tires 315/25-23 size that uses sport suspension system capable of reducing height 35mm lower X6.

 Views gahar but the machine is not changed, certainly useless. Hence the German tuner to redesign the system in the engine ECU 4.4 twin-turbo V8 BMW. Special, the car also matched the special concoction LUMMA Design, namely GPM (Gaspedal Power Module). A system that is able to make the X6 is more responsive acceleration even though the new gas pedal on soft underfoot.
The atmosphere of the cabin also received attention from LUMMA. All seats are now covered with number one quality leather sewn handmade. Similarly, door trim and leather wrapping the steering wheel. Panel indicators appear in shades of red color that is still able to read even if the surrounding light is bright enough. A set of aluminum pedal set are also adorned X6 cabin.
LUMMA Logo appears in some corners of the cabin, including on the indicator panel, carpet, and headrest. As an entertainment device, placed 7.5 inch monitor in every headrest, and also has a multimedia system perspek instalur German concoction.

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