2012 BMW Zagato Concept Review Price Interior

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2012 BMW Zagato Coupé will make its premiere at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. BMW Zagato Coupé is embodiment of high-quality hand-craftsmanship, sportiness and luxury.
The body of the new BMW model has been built entirely by hand. Its skin was tailored to fit the car’s mechanical architecture. The hand shaped aluminum sheets of metal were meticulously molded to give the car its unique form.

The BMW Zagato Coupé is a BMW seen through the eyes of Zagato. This can be seen easily through the design of the car, due to the iconic design cues from both companies.
The initial aim for the Zagato Coupe was to be road-registered, aerodynamically optimized machine, which is able to achieve high speeds but meet all legal requirements.

The proportions of the BMW Zagato Coupé include extremely long bonnet, greenhouse set well back and double bubble roof and Kamm Tail. It looks very dynamic, doesn’t it? The roofline is flowing and ends into the compact, muscular rear.
The car’s dynamic silhouette underlines its sporting characteristics as well. In addition to that the three-dimensionality the car offers combined with the very wide and powerfully contoured front, gives the car an agile sense of purpose.

After sawing in 1939 the creation of the first BMWs sporting tailor made Italian metalwork, a coupé based on the BMW 328 for the upcoming race season and specifically for the Mille Miglia (where it triumphed in 1940), BMW was back to Milan in 1954 to buy from Renzo Rivolta, founder of ISO, drawings, license and tooling necessary for the production of the legendary Isetta.
Almost sixty years later BMW had the opportunity to re-establish a connection with the Rivolta family. As a matter of fact Marella Rivolta, wife of Andrea Zagato, is Zagato Art Director and responsible of BMW Coupé Zagato trim and colours.

The hands of Italian designers were also responsible for the eye-catching looks of the BMW 3200 Michelotti Vignale (1959), BMW 700 (1959), BMW 3200 CS Bertone (1962) and BMW M1 (1978) - all of which retain the status of design icons to this day.

The BMW Zagato Coupé heralds a new chapter in the tradition of cooperation between BMW and Italian designers. Much has changed since those earlier collaborations, however, with the advent of new working methods such as digital sketching, Photoshop and CAD/CAS tools opening the door to an entirely new way of working. Despite these advances in the design tools available, the human touch is still essential to the process. "Working with Zagato was a fantastic experience. It was extremely enriching for us to create something with people who share our understanding of good design and passion for cars," explains Karim Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles. "And that is what makes the car so special - the open and constructive dialogue with Zagato, their experience, craftsmanship and incomparable sense for forms. All of these gifts are wrapped up in the BMW Zagato Coupé."

2012 BMW Zagato Coupe Concept power systems, the BMW official were not disclosed, only equipped with high-performance engine, transmission part is expected to match the seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

Note: In cooperation with the renowned design studio, 2012 BMW Zagato Coupe Concept looks more novel, the next generation Z4 will learn the concept car’s design elements, we will continue to focus on.source:netcarshow.com,worldautomodification.com,automobilesreview.com

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